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TH: 33 Years!
Friendship Festival
Chanuka with Friends
Maccabees for the FC
School's Out!
FC: Mom's Night Out
FC Kickoff Party
CKC Boys Division
There are always new and innovative programs in progress! Check back often to learn more.
CKC Boys Division 
TH: 33 Years!  Go
On December 9, Tzivos Hashem celebrated 33 years. Awards, A Silent Auction, and the grand finale of the "Jewish Kids Got Talent IV" were some dinner highlights.
Friendship Festival  Go
Reflecting the festive theme of Purim, the Friendship Circle at the Jewish Children's Museum hosted a grand carnival on Monday, Shushan Purim for over 150 children and their families.
Chanuka with Friends  Go
Take 135 Friendship Circle kids, add volunteers, families, food, fun, live music and lotsa love and you have one great Chanuka party!
Maccabees for the FC  Go
What better way to learn about Chanukah than by living through it? A group of Friendship Circle children did just that at the Jewish Children's Museum.
School's Out!  Go
the Friendship Circle held a thrilling School holiday event over Thanksgiving weekend. Click for pictures!
FC: Mom's Night Out  Go
"I’m so grateful to the Friendship Circle for offering us this evening out. I feel so beautiful tonight; I’m ready to face tomorrow’s challenges."
FC Kickoff Party  Go
The Friendship Circle recently launched the '06-'07 season with a grand party and dessert demo attended by 200 high school girls.
CKC Boys Division  Go
Drilling and dressing - salad dressing that is - are some of the features of the boys' spring session of Creative Kids Club.
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