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Hachai Publications
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Children's Museum
Hachai Publications
Nothing captures a child’s imagination better than a great book. HaChai publishes more than 75 titles for children that focus on universal values such as sharing, kindness and charity, as well as those that teach about Jewish holidays, history and tradition. Click here to visit the Hachai Publications website.
Ages 2 - 5
Ages 3-6
Ages 5-8
Ages 8 and up
Jewish Children’s Fund
International Jewish Camp Scholarship Fund Go

For some children summer camp is a necessity, not a luxury.
Joseph Papp Fund
Founded in 2000 in memory of legendary Broadway producer Joseph Papp, the Joseph Papp Children’s Humanitarian Fund is a partner in Tzivos Hashem’s humanitarian programs in the CIS.
The Marcia Wilf and Ira Yavarkovsky Children’s Medical Clinic, Zhitomir Ukraine Go

In a region where health insurance doesn’t exist and proper medical care is luxury afforded only by the wealthy, almost any illness can have devastating consequences.
Eye Care Center Go

The Tzivos Hashem Eye Care Center in the Marcia Wilf and Ira Yavarkovsky Children’s Medical Clinic, which opened in 2001, has helped thousands of adults and children see clearly for the first time.
U.S. Physicians Medical Trips to Ukraine Go

A weeklong visit that heals ill children all year
Food on Wheels for Shut-In Grandparents Go

When care is delivered door-to-door, struggling families can stay together
Food Pantry Go

Basic staples keep families whole
The Wheels for Life  Go

Basic staples keep families whole
Kids to Kids Clothes, Gift, and Craft Drives Go

Teaching the joys of caring on both sides of the Atlantic
Children's Museum
The culmination of a few dreams and alot of hard work.

The Jewish Children's Museum on the prominent "Museum Row" in Brooklyn is a nerve center of Jewish life.

World-class exhibits teach the young and the young at heart all about Jewish culture and practice.

A gift shop, restaurant and social hall help make this a mandatory stop for any visitors to NY!

Click here to visit the Jewish Children's Museum website.
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