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Boys Chidon will take place in New York
Contact Numbers:
Tzivos Hashem:
Shimmy Weinbaum - 917-627-7636
For airport & housing information - 718.907.8897
Downloads & Links
1. Boys Flyer
2. Chidon Info for Yeshivah Schools
3. Chidon info for Day Schools

The Chidon weekend will be Shabbos Parshas Hachodesh -
From Thursday 25 Adar 5767 - March 15 2007 - To Sunday 28 Adar 5767 - March 18 2007

The Program begins Thursday @ 8:30am at the Jewish Children's Museum 792 Eastern Pkwy. You must be on time for the opening speech.

Arrival Information
For those who are flying, you will be going to either JFK or LGA. We will pick you up, and take you back to the airport.

Flight info must be posted on the registration form!

Letter to winners
Please find attached the letters to winners!

Included in the letter is the schedule.
Downloads & Links
The Boys letter to winners 5767

Chidon Reservation
There is a $50 couvert for each person who attends. - Both children and Adults.

Please click on the link for the Online Registration form

Host Information
IY"H we will post the list here.

If you have where to stay in Crown Heights Please make sure to add it on the order form.