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Curriculum for 5767
Sefer Mada - 75 Mitzvos

Sefer Ahava - 11 Mitzvos

Sefer Zemanim - 38 Mitzvos

Sefer Noshim - 17 Mitzvos

Total of 141 Mitzvos to be learnt in the year of 5767

Curriculum for 5766
Sefer Shoftim - 74 Mitzvos
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Sefer Shoftim

Curriculum for 5765
Sefer Kinyan - 18 Mitzvos

Sefer Kinyan deals with the laws of acquiring assets.

Numerous Mitzvos deal with the obligation to act justly when buying and selling.

There are also a few Mitzvos which are associated with the acquisition of Jewish and non-Jewish slaves and the appropriate manner of treating them.

Sefer Nezikin - 36 Mitzvos

Sefer Nezikin begins with the Mitzvos related to damage inflicted through one's animal or belongings.

Beis Din is obligated to decide whether the owner is required to pay damages and how much he is required to pay.

There are a few Mitzvos which deal with damages inflicted by man and his obligations to pay.

There are also numerous Mitzvos which deal with prohibitions against various forms of stealing and dishonesty.

Sefer Madah - 75 Mitzvos

Sefer Madah includes Mitzvos which describe: principles of Emuna, the manner in which one is to study Torah and the prohibitions against Avoda Zora.
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1. Sefer Kinyan
2. Sefer Nezikin