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Unit Meetings
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Unit Meetings
The units meetings are made of tight knit group of just seven or eight Chayolim, who get together with their Madrich on a weekly basis for a Chassidishe Farbrengen.

Chayolei Tzivos Hashem is unique because it is run by the Chayolim. Each member of the unit has a specific position and responsibility at each meeting.

The Unit Leader aranges the meeting. The Computer Clerk prepares and gives out an invetaition to the Chayolim. The Gamester opens the meeting with an exciting game or two, then the Choizer presents selcted parts of a Sichos that discribe the responsbilty of being a soldior in the Army of Hashem. He then hands out copies of a transcription of the Sichos, plays the the casete tape and the children listen to the Rebbe while folowing along. Then we wash to eat and while we do the lights go out while the Storyteller tells a dramatic chassidisher story about one of the rabaeim who Yoma Depagra is in the comming week. After which the Baal Menaggen teaches the weekly Niggun related one of the rabaeim who Yoma Depagra is in the comming week. Then Project Coordinator will discuss the current project.

While it's obvious that the chayolim need plenty of help and guidance from their Madrich, the success of the unit is reliant on how well prepared each member is for the meeting.

To help the chayolim prepare we have developed a series of handbooks, one for each chayol of the unit.
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Intro for chayolim
For a soldier to fully dedicate himself to his job, he first needs to understand the importance of the job, his responsibilities and possible input. Therefore, the theme of the first meeting will be “Being a soldier in Tzivos Hashem".

Meeting Agenda

What is Tzivos Hashem PPT Presentaition

How dose it work
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PPT Intro for chayolim
Script for power point
Job List

Chayolei 5767
Please find the booklets for the first two weeks of Chayolei 5767
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The Handbooks

week 1
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Job List
Chanukah contract
Sicha & Niggun

Week 2
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memo to madrichim
letter to unit leader
Chanukah Mivtzoim List
Chanukh Contract

Week 3
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Program - Week 3
chanukah - chassidus notice
Unit Meeting S

Week 4
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Program - week 4
have fun

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