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Sefer Hamitzvos
There is no need to elaborate on how much it means to the Rebbe that every man, woman and child studies the daily portion of the Rambam.

Since the Rebbe started Mivtzah Rambam more than 20 years ago, tens of thousands of people have been studying it each day.

Yet, how many of them are familiar with the mitzvos of the Rambam?

So many are still not learning the mitzvos properly; they repeat the text as they would a few extra chapters of tehillim each day.

To help show our children the value of the Rebbe’s instructions, Tzivos Hashem has prepared a series of workbooks, explaining each Mitzvah, its source in the Torah, as well as the reason for the Mitzvah.

The curriculum has been prepared on two levels: Darga Aleph; fifth and sixth grade. Darga Beis; Seventh and Eighth grade.

Most of the schools have made this Limud a regular school subject, the same as learning Chumash, Halacha and Mishna. Each school learning at its own pace

We hope that this limmud will ensure that each child in our care will have a clear understanding of all the mitzvos of the Torah as laid down by the Rambam, so that for the rest of their lives, when they study the daily shiur, they will be able to comprehend it properly.

We trust that you have all received the Study volumes for the sections of the Rambam designated for this year. Much work has gone into producing these volumes to a high standard. Your feedback and comments are not only welcome but imperative for a future improved edition.

Please fell free to use the forum with questions, suggestions, etc.