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Children's Comments
Menachem Mendle Chazan – Brooklyn, NY:
“It is a very challenging and encouraging experience. May Hashem give you a lot of opportunities to continue this project!”

Mordechai Slavin (4th Grade) – Sydney AUSTRALIA:
“I think if everyone would say Tehillim Moshiach will come!”

Shaina Dubov - London, England:
"I would like to thank you very much for the Uncle Yossi tape which I won this month in the World Wide Tehillim Club. I was sooooooo excited that I won the Raffle! This was the first time I ever won anything in my life. I absolutely love the tape and I have listened to it already many times. My favorite story is "The Mirror" because it teaches you to give Tzedoka and not be selfish. I love saying Tehillim on Shabbos Mevorchim and I think the club is great! Best Wishes.

Zevi Shusterman - Pittsburgh, PA:
"Dear Tzivos Hashem and WW Tehillim Club,
Thank you very much for the beautiful menorah !
I'm so happy I got it ! It came right before Chanukah, so I was able to use it all 8 days. I was very proud - especially because that Shabbos Mevorchim, I had said the entire Tehillim(in NY, at the Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim). Thank you again."

Parent's Comments
Hadassah Aber - Lomita CA:
"Thank you for a wonderful program. I get such nachas each month watching all my kids saying tehillim and they encourage me to complete my as well! We are all winners."

Randie Engle - Stamford, CT:
"My son Jonah was so excited to win the World Wide Tehillim Club Raffle! He is in first grade, and this was his first time entering. He has become an avid Tehillim reader because of the positive feedback you and his family and friends have provided him. Thank you for this opportunity to reinforce the value of his Mitzvos."

Mrs. Lakey Silber - Chicago, IL:
“Levi was so excited about his silver Kiddush cup. He came running to me in school to show me his prize. We are so thankful to Tzivos Hashem for organizing this wonderful project.”

Mrs. Barber – Brooklyn, NY:
“Yaakov Still does not read, nevertheless he repeated after me very nicely.” (Yaakov is in pre-1-a)

Mrs. Zalmanov – Brooklyn, NY:
“Bli Ayin Hara Yisrolik said until kapitul 120! This is a kids who its very hard to him to sit and say Tehilim every Rosh Chodesh. Yay Yisrolik!”

R. Komarovsky – Brooklyn, NY:
“Thanks to this contest for the first time my son said Tehillim so much and so carefully.”

Mrs. Greisman – Brooklyn, NY:
“I Really appreciate this project. It got my son to finally open a Tehillim and even to be excited about it! Thanks!”

Mrs. Alperowitz – London, ENGLAND:
“Ben Tzion said the whole Tehillim. He woke up early and finished before shacharis. He was so excited to be apart of WWTC”

Mrs. Sufrin - London, ENGLAND:
“Sholom DovBer is really excited about this project – what a fantastic idea! Thankyou!”

Rabbi Gordon - London ENGLAND:
“The World Wide Tehillim Club certainly got all the children in our family saying Tehillim! Kol hakavod!!!”

Mrs Vogel - London, ENGLAND:
“Mendele enjoyed saying the Tehillim and we think that this a a very good idea. May you continue to bring these good incentives. Thank you!”

Mrs. Chaiman - London, ENGLAND:
“Yosher Koach! I think it’s a wonderful idea. Keep up with promoting chasidishe projects and making the children feel so proud and positive. Brilliant idea – wonderful program! Thankyou!”

Mrs. Sudak - London, ENGLAND:
“Mottel was really excited and said even more than his quota!”

Mrs. Hayes – Ottawa, CANADA:
“What a brilliant idea!”

Mrs. Kluwgant – Melbourne, AUSTRALIA:
“Binyomin spent extra time on Shabbos saying Tehilim instead of playing outside.”

Elka Sarah Ivry:
"Thank you so much for the prize.
Elka was so excited to receive her prize and still is, it’s her favorite
game in the house.
We'll look forward on seeing Elka Sarah on the web-site.
Thank you again, and have a most enjoyable summer."

Moshe Spivak - Toronto, CANADA:
"My son Yaakov was grinning from ear-to-ear when he walked up to me with his hands behind his back and asked me if I want to "see something". He was so happy to receive the CD's ...and his pleasure in reading your letter to me made me grin from ear-to-ear.
Such Nachos."

Rabbi Moshe Chiam and Rus Kinn - Manchester, England:
"Dear Tzivos HaShem Tehillim Club Organizers,
I want to thank you for putting together such a meaningful and important programme for children the world over.
I am sending you a photo of our dear son, Eliezer, who won a prize which he has taken to school for the teacher to read a story each day out of for the entore class to benefit from.
Many thanks, and yo’aher Ko’ach."

Schools Comments
Beis Chaya Mushka - Crown Heights, NY:
How can we thank you enough for engouraging our children to say Tehillim in a way that no school on their own could!!
May you continue Mechayil El Chayil, and may we finally bring Moshiach Now!!

Yeshiva Achei Tmimim - Worcester, MA:
Yasher Koach for all your work - it was a good program and I hope next year I can encourage all the kids in our Yeshiva to say the Tehillim!

Shluchim's Comments
Rabbi Mordechai Glazman - Riga, LATVIA:

Yasher Koach! It is a great idea and the kids can't wait for Shabbos Mevorchim to arrive.

Most of my children say more than Level 4 in their grade group and are even proud to be saying the quota for the grade older than them. So they can always grow either way. But it is a bit confusing as to why the qotas keep changing.

But I know one child who is learning disabled and when she works so hard just to finish Level 1, she finds that next month she has to work harder to stay in level one instead of being able to strive for level 2.
Keep up the good work!

Rabbi and Mrs Dubov - London, England:
Thankyou so much for Shain'a prize for her Tehillim!
She loves it and has written you a thankyou letter by mail. In the meantime, here is her picture holding her prize.

The Tehillim club is excellent - it really encourages our kinderlach to say Tehillim! What a zechus you have! Keep up your wonderful work,

Wishing you Kol Tuv and Hatzlochoh