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Gimmel Tammuz Rally
To: Principals

From: Tzivos Hashem and NCFJE

Re: Gimmel Tammuz in front of 770. Time 10:30am – 11:30am

A Grand Rally is being organized in front of 770 for the children of the schools in Crown Heights.

If you will be in New York for Gimmel Tammuz and want your children to participate, please call Tzivos Hashem 718 – 907 8897 so 917 627 7636 that adequate seating and refreshments can be provided.

Kovetz Hachona
This booklet gives children a small insight into the Rebbe’s life.

It contains stories from the Rebbe’s youth until recent years.

The booklet also contains the different gifts which the Rebbe gives us: Farbrengens, Rallies, Yechidus, Dollars, Letters, Kos shel Brocha, Lekach, and more.

The Booklet has been prepared on two levels, in Yiddish, English.

1. The Rebbe for kids - 1st - 4th Grade in English

2. The Rebbe for Kids - 5th - 8th Grade in English

3. The Rebbe for Kids - 1st - 4th Grade Yiddish
Downloads & Links
1. The Rebbe for Grades 1 - 4 in English.
2. The Rebbe for Grades 5th - 8th in English
3. The Rebbe for Grades 1st - 4th in Yiddish

The Children's Pan
During the Rally a child will recite a pan on behalf of the soldiers of Tzivos Hashem throughout the world!

Your children can sign this Pan by downloading it. It has been writen in:

1. English
2. French
3. Yiddish
4. Hebrew

The panim should be brought to the Rally.

Obviously it would be easier for it to be brought in person.
Downloads & Links
1. English
2. French
3. Yiddish
4. Hebrew

The Sicha
During the Rally, the children will hear the Rebbe saying the Sicha "Ker Ah Velt" .

To enable your children to learn this before Gimmel Tammuz it can be downloaded by clicking on the link
Downloads & Links
Ker A Velt Sicha

The Yud Beis Pesukim & Brochos
Yud Beis Pesukim
1. Torah - Beis Rivkah - Pre 1a (Birthdays are today) Menuchah Rochel Baumgarten & Zeldi Kahana
2. Sh'ma - Beis Rivkah - Grade 1 - Sheina Bryski & Batya Ezagui
3. B'chol - Bnos Menachem - Mushkie Samuels & Shoshana Waronker of Kittah Daled
4. Kol Yisroel - Bnos Menachem - Rochie Boaron & Rivka Spielman of Kittah Hey
5. Kee Korov - Beis Chaya Mushkah - Grade 4 - Rochel Kanevsky
6. V'heenei - Beis Chaya Mushkah - Grade 2 - Lieba Korn
7. Beraishis - ULY Ocean Pkwy - Rephoel Abitbol
8. Veshinantom - ULY Ocean Pkwy -
9. Yogatee - ULY Crown St. - Levik Raksin
10. Veohavto - ULY Crown St. - Yechiel Zirkind
11. V'zeh - Oholei Torah - Menachem Mendel Heller
12. Yismach - Oholei Torah - Dovid Sossonkin
Mezonos - Beis Rivkah - Grade 3 - Faigi Wolmovsky
Shehakol - Beis Rivkah -
Achronah - Oholei Torah -