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The Marcia Wilf and Ira Yavarkovsky Children’s Medical Clinic, Zhitomir Ukraine
In a region where health insurance doesn’t exist and proper medical care is luxury afforded only by the wealthy, almost any illness can have devastating consequences.

Established in 1996, the Marcia Wilf and Ira Yavarkovsky Children’s Medical Clinic provides free, modern medical treatment to Jewish and non-Jewish children alike. Parents travel for miles to give their children the expert care available at the clinic.

The clinic’s wide array of health services include pediatric, surgical, and emergency medicine, and ophthalmologic, dermatological, cardiac, neurological, gynecological, and dental care.

Located a mere two-hours from Chernobyl, the clinic also treats many children suffering birth defects and illness, including thyroid cancer, resulting from the nuclear disaster that occurred there.

Since opening its doors, the clinic has treated illnesses and provided preventive care and vaccinations for more than 17,000 children—all at no cost to their parents.
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