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Hachai Publications
Nothing captures a child’s imagination better than a great book. HaChai publishes more than 75 titles for children that focus on universal values such as sharing, kindness and charity, as well as those that teach about Jewish holidays, history and tradition. Click here to visit the Hachai Publications website.
Ages 2 - 5  Go
These books are especially designed with the very youngest children in mind. Bright colors, exiting images and rhythmic text make reading aloud a joy for reader and child alike!
Ages 3-6  Go
One step up...more detailed artwork, slightly longer text. Designed to read aloud and for beginning readers to try alone. The moral of each story can lead to great family discussions!
Ages 5-8  Go
More sophisticated plots and content for the slightly older child to enjoy.
Ages 8 and up  Go
Novels, biographies, tales of wisdom and adventure for young readers.
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