• What is the best way to get to the parade?

    Public transit: Take the 3 subway towards New Lots Avenue and get off at Kingston Avenue. You will be right in the center of the action!

    Group buses: There will be drop-off/pick-up points close to the Parade route, and reserved bus parking nearby.

    NOTE: Private vehicles will not be able to access the blocks surrounding the Parade route.

  • What ages is the program geared to?

    The program is a family event and is geared to all ages, young and old. It is especially the celebration of Jewish children—boys under Bar Mitzvah and girls under Bat Mitzvah!

  • Is there an entrance fee?

    Admission is free and everyone is welcome. However you may reserve a seat and receive a souvenir parade t-shirt for $6.

  • How long will the whole event last?

    Seating begins at 9:30am and the Parade kicks off at 10:00am, proceeding down Eastern Parkway and ending at the Fair at noon.

  • How do schools register and pay?

    You can register your group by clicking Add a Group and filling out the form. Your school or organization will be contacted within 24 hours with information regarding seating and marching in the parade.

  • How will everyone be able to see what’s going on?

    There will be massive LED screens all along the Parkway, ensuring that everybody gets to see all of the action!

  • What happens when our group arrives?

    Your group representative will arrive early to meet your parade liaison who will point out:

    • Where you will be seated
    • Where to find the bathrooms
    • Where your buses will park
    • The best route from the buses to the seating area
    • Where to purchase refreshments

  • I am not coming with a group, how will I know where to sit?

    Keep checking this website! There will be maps posted here as the Parade date draws near. There will also be printed maps available during the parade and ushers to assist you.

  • Do you have promotional material for students and their parents?

    Registered groups will receive flyers in the mail to distribute to children as well as posters to hang up in school/center.

  • We’d love to participate but we are not in session on Sunday!

    The Great Parade can be scheduled as an extracurricular field trip. Schools/groups should encourage parents to come along with their children.

  • Will there be refreshments during the program?

    Yes, there will be drinks and light refreshments on each chair.

  • Will there be bathroom facilities available?

    Yes, there will be portable bathrooms stationed along Eastern Parkway during the Parade and throughout the day.

  • What kinds of safety precautions are in place?

    Hatzalah Volunteer Ambulance Service will be on hand and on call to take care of any safety issues, should any arise ח"ו. There will also be a strong police presence during the event.

For help registering groups and floats, please call The Great Parade office at:
718-735-0221 or email info@thegreatparade.com


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