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The Great Parade is a remarkable chance for your company to gain international exposure while supporting a monumental Jewish event.


The Lead-Up

Many weeks before The Great Parade, we begin an advertising campaign that reaches over 2 million people around the world—online, in print and outdoors.

The Event

The Great Parade will attract over 35,000 people from all backgrounds; men, women and children participating in this spectacular event. It is also viewed live online by over 100,000 people worldwide.

The Follow-Up

After the Parade, a commemorative journal is produced and presented to an exclusive company of people including the Mayor, the NY Police Commissioner and your fellow corporate sponsors.

Sponsorship Options

We have prepared various sponsorship opportunities ranging from Advertiser ($1,800) to Corporate Partner ($50,000). Every level of sponsorship will help make this event even more beautiful and will bring additional promotion for your company.

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