Last year, over 35,000 children and their families participated in the greatest Jewish unity event ever. With your participation, this year’s celebration will be even grander, leaving a greater impact on all!

Map and Seating Chart

The parade begins at Brooklyn Avenue and Eastern Parkway and turns at Albany Avenue and Eastern Parkway. The children will then march in a procession to the fair area.

Parade Map Download PDF

The Parade

The Great Parade 5777 will celebrate themes of Jewish pride and practice on a scale that has never been seen before.

  1. floatsFloats

    Flat bed trucks up to 54’ long, will carry colorful depictions of Shabbos, the Chagim, Kosher food, Ahavas Yisroel, Eretz Yisroel, Pirkei Avos, Simcha and much more.

  2. marching bandsMarching Bands

    Led by the US military marchers, more than 10 bands representing local Yeshivas, schools and organizations will march to the rhythm of Lag B’Omer!

  3. Custom School BannersSchool Banners

    Over 100 schools and groups will march in the parade holding personal banners proudly. The Parade MC will announce school names and cities for all to cheer!

The Performers

Throughout the Parade, a lineup of sensational entertainers will perform for participants, drawing them into the celebration!

  1. Roaming PerformersRoaming Performers

    A lively troupe of jugglers, acrobats and clowns will entertain the crowd during the Parade and througout the day.

  2. Benny FriedmanBenny Friedman

    Admired by fans and colleagues worldwide, Benny continues to spread the warmth, energy and inspiration of a new generation. Join us at this epic stop on his amazing journey.

  3. Mitzvah BlvdMitzvah Blvd

    Mitzvah Boulevard is a street like no other in the world! Join Chaim Fogelman and his friends from Mitzvah Boulevard as they sing and dance, learn Torah and do Mitzvos.


    Living on the edge and exploring new heights. Watch professional bmx riders, tantalize your thirst for thrills with breath-taking feats and nearly impossible stunts.

  5. Shlomo SimchaShlomo Simcha

    World renowned for his angelic voice and soulful energy, tap your feet to the beloved tunes of old with the fast beats of today.

  6. Stay tuned for more!...

Times and Location

When: Sunday, May 14, 2017 - Lag B'Omer 18 Iyar 5777
Seating begins 9:30am—Parade kicks off at 10:00am
Rides will be open from 12:30pm-6:00pm

Where: Eastern Parkway between Brooklyn and Albany Avenues
Brooklyn, New York, 11213

Fair Information

This year's fair will include rides for younger children as well as giant thrill rides for the older children.

The concession stands will feature kosher carnival favorites including hot-dogs, cotton-candy, snow cones, ice cream and much more.

Ticket information will be available closer to the parade.


Note: Private vehicles will not be admitted to the blocks around the area of the parade. There will be no parking available for private vehicles. Individuals are encouraged to use public transportation.

Public transit: Take the 3 subway towards New Lots Avenue and get off at Kingston Avenue. You will be right in the center of the action!

Group buses: There will be drop-off/pick-up points close to the Parade route, and reserved bus parking nearby.


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