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Bosi L’gani
You receive a camera-ready original, which contains:

1. Selected parts of the Frierdiker Rebbe’s Maamar Bosi L’gani 5710 with nikudois for the children to learn by heart.

2. Selected parts of the Rebbe’s first Maamar Bosi L’gani 5711 in Hebrew text (as edited by the Rebbe).

3. A tape of the Rebbe saying the selected parts of the Maamar in Yiddish on Yud Shvat 5711.

4. A word-by-word transcription of the Rebbe saying the selected parts of the Maamar in Yiddish.

5. English translation.

6. Pictures to explain each concept.

7. A beautifully designed color cover printed on hard stock.

The Maamar has been prepared on three levels and is available with or without English translation.

Available in Yiddish and English on Three levels.

1. 1st – 3rd Grade in English
2. 4th - 5th Grade in English
3. 6th – 8th Grade in English

4. 1st – 3rd Grade in Yiddish
5. 4th - 5th Grade in Yiddish
6. 6th – 8th Grade in Yiddish