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The Power of Children in Every Generation
The booklet contains:

1. Selected parts of the Maamar Vekibel Hayehudim 1927 in which the Frierdiker Rebbe speaks of Haman and Ochaz who both wished to start their wicked plans with the children. The Maamar explains the possuk from Tehillim: “Out of the mouths of babes and infants you have found strength to destroy the enemy and avenger”

2. The history of this Maamar which was said when Communism was at its peak is another inspiring part of this booklet. The Frierdiker Rebbe was telling his Chassidim that it is through the chinuch of young children that their enemy would be destroyed.

3. A selection of Sichos and letters from before the Six Day War and the Yom Kippur War, when the Rebbe placed tremendous emphasis on the chinuch of children.

4. Some Sichos transcribed word by word for the children to learn and follow.

5. A tape of the Sichos.

Available in Yiddish and English on Three levels.

1. 1st – 3rd Grade in English
2. 4th - 5th Grade in English
3. 6th – 8th Grade in English

4. 1st – 3rd Grade in Yiddish
5. 4th - 5th Grade in Yiddish
6. 6th – 8th Grade in Yiddish