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Lag B'omer 3rd -4th Grade
To: all Principals, Teachers, Shluchim and Anash throughout the World

From: Tzivos Hashem and NCFJE

Re: Yud Aleph Nissan Rally in front of 770.

A Grand Rally is being organized in Lefferts park for the children of the Moisdos in Crown Heights.

Girls will arive at 10:00am for rides!

The Program will be from 10:45 - 11:30am
The 12 Pessukim & We want moshiach NOW!
The Rebbe Speaks - Lag B'omer 1927 -
Tehhilim - Kapitul 33
Tzedokah - 18 Cents
Wire Walking Show - Dikkie Ellis

Boys will then go on the rides till 12:15pm

If you will be in New York for Lag B'omer and want your children to participate, please call Tzivos Hashem 718 907 8897 or 917 627 7636 that adequate seating and refreshments can be provided.