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Never Gets Boring!
“It NEVER gets boring. the students love it and look forward to class!”

Mrs. Laykie Donin

An Asset For Every Chassidus Teacher
“The detailed lesson plans are an invaluable asset to every Chassidus teacher as they cover all aspects of a well planned lesson and enable the teacher to transmit these lessons in a highly professional manner.
They takes into account the multiple intelligences and various learning styles of all students.
The follow-up activities, whether they are questions or other assessments such as presenting a poem, song, story or illustration, further enhances the student's cognitive skills and aids in the development of the multiple intelligences”.

Rochel Blecher
Beth Rivkah - Melbourne, Australia

New Students Join Optional Class
“I can see a real difference in the interest level in the classroom.
Due to the new program new students have joined our optional Chassidus class.”

Chevi Rimler
Hebrew Academy - Long Beach, CA

Very Clear & Structured
“It is very structured with discussion, provoking the students to question why and analyze their existence and purpose in the world.
Coming from a school where I learned Chassidus this curriculum clarified and structured Chassidus for me as a teacher.
At the end of the year the students had an intense and thorough understanding that gave them a strong feeling of what Chassidus was all about”.

Tzippy Vigler
Flatbush, NY

Parents Are Happy
“Parents are constantly complimenting and thanking us for bringing this curriculum into our school”.

Rabbi Yisroel Sufrin
Beth Rivkah - Melbourne, Australia