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Esther and William Benenson and Family Homes for Boys and Girls Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Since 1996, the Esther and William Benenson and Family Homes for Boys and Girls have provided neglected and orphaned children with a loving, safe environment.

Providing comfortable rooms, nutritious meals, full medical and dental care, counseling, secular and Jewish education, and most importantly friendship and compassion, the homes have saved the lives of hundreds of children who would otherwise be living on the streets, in soulless state-run orphanages, or in decrepit conditions.

Thanks to the Benenson homes, more than 500 poverty-stricken children have been given a new lease on life. More than 150 former residents currently live in Israel and/or serve in the Israel Defense Forces.

Currently, 100 children live in the Benenson homes, which are filled to capacity. But there are so many more children in need of a safe place to live. More space is urgently needed to get as many children as possible out of dangerous environments.
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