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Mitzvah Programs
Stimulating, fun, and best of all, hands-on, the Tzivos Hashem Jewish Craft Workshops delight children all over the world, while teaching them about the special items used in celebration of the Jewish holidays. Click here for more information on these workshops.
Tzitzis Workshop  Go
From the age of three Jewish boys wear "Tzitzis" under their shirts as a reminder of our creator. Children learn how the wool strands are properly spun and tied.
Tefillin Workshop  Go
Fashioned from one piece of leather, "Tefillin" are perhaps one of the most fascinating religious objects produced. Children watch the process in this exclusive workshop.
Shabbat Workshop  Go
Challah baking, candlestick decorating; this complete Shabbat workshop repeatedly wows participants young and old.
Havdallah Workshop  Go
Children love making their very own braided "Havdalah" candle, and spice box to use at their family Havdalah ceremonies.
Torah Factory Workshop  Go
Students learn how raw animal hides are made into parchment, and learn to mix the basic ingredients to make ink.
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