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Purim is a fun, festive holiday during which Jews read and commemorate the story told in the Book of Esther. In ancient Persia, the wicked Haman sought to destroy the Jews. But through the bravery and leadership of Queen Esther and her uncle Mordechai, the Jewish people were saved.
Purim Rally  Go
Add together thousands of children, live band, cotton candy, storytelling and more, and you'll see just how fun Purim can really be!
Megillah Slideshow and Coloring Book  Go
Tzivos Hashem has created a fun-filled slide show to accompany the reading of the Megillah—the Book of Esther. The slides present the story of Purim in full-color scenes with captions, keeping children riveted to the story. A story coloring book, with pictures that match the images in the slide show is perfect for younger children.
Traveling Purim Productions  Go
Members of Tzivos Hashem, travel to senior’s homes and hospitals with costumes, skits, songs and refreshments.
Traveling Megillah Reading  Go
Tzivos Hashem soldiers travel to shopping malls and school yards with a Kosher Megillah.
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