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Megillah Slideshow and Coloring Book
“It’s hard for me to sit through the Megillah reading. And you want me to be quiet as well?”

The popular slide show is a unique accompaniment to any Megillah reading. The slides present the story of Purim in full-color scenes with captions. As you read the Megillah, the relevant slides pop up, keeping the children riveted to the story. All you need is a carousel slide projector, a screen, and an audience. Hundreds of Shluchim already use the multi-media Megillah show during the Megillah reading, allowing the audience to listen to the Megillah, and to understand the story as well.

The accompanying audiotape by Yitzi Erps has recently been edited, and re-designed to be used with educational showings of the Purim Slide Show. Also included, is a story coloring book, with pictures that match the images in the slide show.
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