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Chabad Curricula
Tzivos Hashem has developed special curricula for children in the Chabad community.
Der Rebbe Ret Tzu Kinder  Go
The Rebbe's teachings simplified for children to read and enjoy on their own level.
The Rebbe Speaks to Children/Der Rebbe Ret Tzu  Go
The English version of ‘Der Rebbe Ret Tzu Kinder’ is entitled, ‘The Rebbe Speaks to Children.’
The Arrest  Go
The story of the sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe's arrest in communist Russia. Charged with the "crime" of spreading Yiddishkeit, this is a story of perseverance and faith despite all odds.
The Rebbe First Maamer  Go
A "ma'amer" or Chassidic discourse, generally presents a specific idea in Chassidus. This one, the first of the Rebbe's, is a fundamental lesson on leadership, a lesson we can all learn.
Pirkei Avos  Go
A guide to ethical living, Pirkei Avos is presented in a fun and exciting format.
Chassidus Basics  Go
Chassidus is a staple of Chabad living. This program let's children get a feeling for Chassidus at their own pace.
The Rebbe  Go
The Rebbe's love for children is legendary. This book gives kids a chance to experience the love through stories and lessons.
The Biography Series  Go
A set of books describing the life and times of some of the great Chassidic masters.
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