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The World Wide Tehillim Club  Go
More than 10,000 children around the world are members of the World Wide Tehillim Club, which was established to help children from kindergarten through eighth grade become more familiar with saying Tehillim (Psalms). The club’s curriculum breaks the book of Tehillim down into manageable, age-appropriate segments and rewards students with prizes for participation. The eventual goal is that by the time they are in eighth grade, the students can say all 150 chapters with ease.
Tzivos Hashem Diary  Go
Possibly the most creative personal journal around, children are encouraged to mark off their daily accomplishments on a list. Each day in the diary is accompanied by a short thought and interesting information.
Cheder Tzivos Hashem  Go
The Rebbe emphasized the importance of children being surrounded by Jewish life. In this vein, Tzivos Hashem promotes a "Tzivos Hashem room" wherein children are encouraged to acquire essentials such as a charity box for their bedrooms.
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